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What others are saying about Dr. Bader and RRT

What people said after participating in RRT with Dr. Bader

My mind feels much clearer. I believe that at my core I am really strong. Things that happened to me as a child may have affected me at the time , but it doesn't define me in anyway now.
Sexual Abuse Survivor
When I first came to see Dr. Bader, I had a lot of anxiety and nervousness. With the experience I had with Dr. Bader today, I feel a lot better. I am more focused on the positive side. Things may happen, but you can always learn and grow from it.
Working with Dr. Bader brought me peace and made me feel lighter. I feel like a heavy weight from my past was lifted off of me. The RRT process was easy and effortless. I was able to let go very easily with Dr Bader's help.
Grief & PTSD
A great therapy session! I learned a lot from Dr. Bader! Thank you!
Reducing Anxiety
I was dealing with stress about family problems, anxiety, and childhood trauma. I wasn't sure how something like Rapid Resolution Therapy could have such quick and lasting results. After just one 3 hour session, I now process situations with minimal anxiety, my perception of stress has shifted dramatically, and talking about my childhood trauma no longer brings me to tears. Thank you Dr. Bader for this life changing experience!
Childhood Trauma and Reducing Stress
I suffered from PTSD. I had a lot of issues bothering me recently and Dr. Bader’s RRT therapy really worked and calmed me down.
Survivor of Violence

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